COME EARLY. Please review our ticketing platform. We recommend buying tickets EARLY, as tickets will surely sell out on busier nights. On-site ticket purchases are limited depending on our nightly attendance levels. If you choose not to buy tickets online, you will want to check our ticketing platform to make sure we are not sold out for the day you plan to attend. The earlier in the month, the smaller the crowds. So come early in the season if you’re concerned about the wait. Onsite ticket sales begin no earlier than 6:30pm. The attractions open at dark, usually around 7-ish. We will stay open later to accommodate anyone still holding a ticket. We sell our last ticket at closing time, and stay open until the last guest has been through. We also offer FAST PASS Tickets. Once you make it through the ticket line, you can skip the wait if you purchase an upgraded FAST PASS Ticket. Better yet, skip the ticket line by buying your Tickets Online!

NO AGE LIMIT. We do not put an age limit on admission. We feel that parents are the best judge of whether their children are able to handle our attraction. That said, our attraction is meant to Frighten, Scare, and Terrify you. It is a Haunted Attraction, after all. This is also where we should probably mention that we do not offer refunds if your children get too scared at our haunted attraction to complete the walkthrough. Be sure to read all of our Warnings & Disclaimers before purchasing tickets.

This is an outdoor attraction, even though it is mostly covered. It is best to wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for that day’s weather. Don’t come in something you can’t get a little dirty. It is also recommended that you wear closed-toed, slip-resistant shoes when you visit. No sandals or flip-flops please! Your safety is our biggest concern, so please read our Warnings & Disclaimers before buying a ticket.

NO TOUCHING. This isn’t that kind of place. Actors WILL NOT intentionally touch you. However, they do get very close. Occasionally you may brush up against their costumes or props.

You should consult your physician before entering ANY Haunted Attraction. If you have any serious medical conditions we advise you not to enter. Seriously. People fall down, things jump out at you, your friends may run over you, and yes – we do use fog and strobe lights. You will have to navigate around some pretty terrifying and treacherous scenes. Your ticket purchase is also your acceptance of all Warnings & Disclaimers related to entering our attraction. Basically, you’ve been warned. Enter at your own risk. 

YES! Even though we are an outdoor attraction, we will OPEN when it is raining. If we must close due to exceptionally bad weather, we will post it on our website by 4PM day of the event. The best places to get recent updates regarding weather closures are on our Facebook page and other social media channels. If you purchased your tickets online, you will receive an email at the address you provided when purchasing your tickets.

“Chicken Runs” are available if you get too scared to continue. We also sell new and slightly used underwear in the ticket booth… just in case. There are NO REFUNDS should a guest choose to not complete the walkthrough.

NO REFUNDS. You paid us to scare you, and that’s what we did. In fact, we may have some of the ghouls drag you back inside just for asking. We don’t give refunds at all, for any reason.

WE’RE ALWAYS WATCHING. Yes, The Haunted Farm uses the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department for security. We also have surveillance cameras, and other behind-the-scenes security, monitoring the safety and security or our actors and guests at all times.

NO SMOKING. NO VAPING. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on the grounds.

NO PHOTOS/VIDEO INSIDE. The actors outside will pose for pictures when approached. The monsters inside don’t like bright lights and we are tired of cleaning up the blood. People using cellphones and flashlights inside the haunt will be escorted out without a refund.

We have different ticket prices on days with higher demand. Our parking lot and hours of operation are limited so we do our best to ensure everyone has a great experience. We offer lower priced tickets on nights with a lower anticipated attendance. We also offer Fast Pass Admission on all nights for those who do not prefer to wait in the general admission queue. If you purchase a ticket on a lower priced ticket night, and we are forced to close for inclement weather, your ticket will be usable on the next night we are open. If you are unable to attend on the next night, you must notify us that day at Tickets@NCHauntedFarm.com, and we will work out which remaining night you can attend.

The Haunted Farm is a SELF-GUIDED and SELF-PACED tour. Once let into the walk-through, guests move AT-YOUR-OWN-PACE (with a little encouragement). Times will vary but count on about 35-45 minutes, depending on how fast you move through the attraction. We promise you will terrified!


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Enter At Your Own Risk! While we do not have an age limit, please understand that this attraction is meant to frighten and startle. There are NO REFUNDS should any guest choose to not complete the walkthrough. Please Read Our Warnings & Disclaimers BEFORE Purchasing Tickets.