Why Are Outdoor Haunted House Attractions Different From Other Large Gatherings

Covid Safety at haunted Houses in NC

The differences between haunted house attractions and other large venues for mass gatherings, such as sports arenas, movie theaters, and concerts, are important – especially when you consider Covid Safety.

These differences include:

1. Guest Exposure time is very limited. Generally, guests are moving continuously throughout their experience. Since guests do not remain sitting in a single location, elbow-to-elbow, for extended periods of time, their exposure is much less than that of traditional mass gatherings.

2. Most groups of Attraction Attendees are made up of close family members, or others who usually live in the same household (or social bubble). These groups don’t necessarily need to maintain strict physical distance from one another.

While you can purchase tickets online or onsite, you will want to purchase tickets EARLY, as tickets are LIMITED to reduce capacity. Be sure to review our ticket availability before coming if you intend to buy tickets onsite.

Being an outdoor attraction is a good thing for The Haunted Farm. Contact tracing has proven that Covid-19 is contracted far less from being outdoors around people than it is from being indoors and sitting still. As usual, you can also purchase tickets onsite, however we encourage you to purchase your tickets online. The ticket type you purchase will determine your wait time. Please be prepared and be patient. Wait times on busy nights can range from 1 to 2 hours, depending on when you arrive. If you do not wish to wait, you may purchase Fast pass tickets. If you have already purchased general admission tickets, and would like to upgrade yours to Fast Passes, please visit the ticketing booth and a member of our staff will assist you. We want to provide Everyone with a great AND safe time!

Please wait socially distanced from other bubbles and groups. Hand washing and sanitizing stations are placed at the entrance and throughout the thoroughfare. Banners are posted to educate the guests how to stay safe while at The Haunted Farm. Masks will be not be required to be worn by guests and staff in order to enter, as it is not presently required under state laws, however, you are encouraged to wear a mask wherever you are unable to maintain proper social distancing, and whenever you are going through indoor portions of our attractions.

Staff will be cleaning our high volume areas throughout the night. This will include the ticket booth, restrooms, and other areas throughout the property. Our actors will not be sharing makeup kits, and all costumes will be dedicated to one person. Temperature is tested for all staff daily. Management has completed the training for You Can Count on Me NC, and all of our makeup artists have completed the Barbicide infection control training, as well. Actors will also be educated regarding Covid Safety.

We have done our homework to make your traditional visit to the The Haunted Farm as safe as possible. Our staff has been educated to make your Halloween as safe and socially distanced as possible. Thanks for all the support so we all can laugh and scream behind our masks together this season.


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