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Why Are Outdoor Haunted House Attractions Different From Other Large Gatherings

The differences between haunted house attractions and other large venues for mass gatherings, such as sports arenas, movie theaters, and concerts, are important – especially when you consider Covid Safety. These differences include: 1. Guest Exposure time is very limited. Generally, guests are moving continuously throughout their experience. Since guests do not remain sitting in […]

The Haunted Farm in Bold Life

The Haunted Farm was featured in Bold Life Magazine. “We have four new rooms and an entirely new scene in the woods with 8-foot-tall animatronic [characters], in addition to several new professional masks,” Haunted Farm spokesperson Daniel Ballard revealed to Bold Life. “REVENGE” is this year’s theme, but every other high point (or low point, as […]

The Haunted Farm Asheville Date Night

The Haunted Farm was featured on Asheville Date Night. Looking for the scariest farm in Asheville? The Haunted Farm near Hendersonville is well worth the trip. You’ll walk through the most frightening scenes of blood, murder and down right shocking display of circumstances.  The Haunted Farm will not disappoint even the bravest of egos.  It will make […]

The Haunted Farm in Mountain Xpress

The Haunted Farm was featured in an article on Mountain Xpress. Jim Combest and Rex Lively, co-owners of The Haunted Farm, are among those who attend the yearly trade show. Combest admits that he and Lively had no idea what they were getting into when they started the attraction seven years ago. “I was thinking [haunts] were […]


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